Manners and customs before the merger that the Korean government of the Korean who yearned for merger assassinating Hirobumi Ito that I am against Japan-Korea merger does not tell the nation. There is not the thing to be ashamed of!

Manners and customs before the merger that the Korean government of the Korean who yearned for merger assassinating Hirobumi Ito that I am against Japan-Korea merger does not tell the nation. There is not the thing to be ashamed of!

The historical view of the Korean whom even the lifestyle 50 years before the own country is not taught at school either forgets the thanks to ancestors, and it becomes the hotbeds of the crime.
川辺に住む住民the country of outlook on life oneself to live in the riverside willingly, the Korean was so mysterious why whether you lived in the riverside willingly. If large rain falls, I evacuate to the hill. In the house, a smell of the soil which decayed assails a nose. I cannot still understand this ethnicity.

The people of the world are curious about one's origin. In addition, I am curious what kind of life ancestors lived. The Japanese values so the way of life of ancestors, too and takes good care of a then photograph. Therefore all the Japanese know the custom from the ancient times let alone 50 years ago of the own country. Wonderful Japan: It is clear at a glance, but, in fact, such a photograph does not pick you up on Korea, the North Korean textbook if I read the history that Korean Peninsula Korean of the 19th century does not learn throughout the life. The fact that a nation collapsed in the Korean Peninsula before ‏@_XEN_ Japan governed it, and both the education and the industry had no in a race total refugees state! It had failed national administration by the stupid politics of the administrator (Li-regimed Korea dynasty). If neither current Korea nor Korea conceals the fact that became extinct from history of human if Japan does not govern it here, this is because it does not become. It is tragedy. Disappointed.

The history (its) of the Korean whom a Korean does not want to recognize
A human being falsifying one's career does not have the good person. I cross out a then photograph, and naturally, national traits to forge the history, even the custom 50 years before the own country proves unfortunately how Korean historical view not to know is untrustworthy. Furthermore, it is strange that both a man and the woman do cosmetic surgical treatment and imitate a Japanese.
(the conditions of a country) In fact, beautiful court ladies, a clean road and the dignified building where a Korean history drama appears for "the oaths of the Chan GUM" are all dramatization.

When there is the built historic gate in old days in the slums, Namdaemun is a stumbling block.

The inhabitants who protruding joints taking a nap are used for firewood, and lie at full length in the ground without the shade of a tree in the town.

There is the person of house with a noble, but farm productivity is bad, and the mansion which died without assets that there are few tributes and manages in vain is pitiful.

It is completely exposed to view and is supposed like a modern unicycle from the sedan chair outdoors of noble one, but I pick up a person belonging to the governing classes in Korea going out and am the car which the white livery for a coffin bearer (butterfly, to vomit) of the slave carried. The name of "the white livery for a coffin bearer" is associated with having brought white clothes without putting on the clothes that the person of the ordinary citizen having no rank acquired a color in the body. The coffin bearer in white livery usually lived in a city and the remote place outside the village in a group and did slaughter, curriery, willow device production for a main profession.

It is a dugout of the Yayoi period itself of urban cityscape

Japan. Because I fall apart, and the dugout ends, I live a heroic life, and a cuttlefish can just learn a then Korean.

Stool liquor "Hontang" which pickled liquor which I fermented and prepared the human feces into because urban cheap restaurant farm productivity was hard to obtain grains badly and "Juntang" in the human stool.

The stool dog which I brought up in human feces seemed to be staple food as an edible dog. It is ultimate recycling. It was useful as manure deeply in Japan where the farming place was the human feces. However, I used the thing which let I collected it in the receptacle for manure and ferment as manure because the crops performed decayed root when they just used it. With the Korean Peninsula, ethnicity is different from both China and Japan.

House of the townsman

I made a road in such Korean Peninsula and pulled a railroad, and Japan made it for the Korean modernization. I talk about a photograph calmly. The man cannot match a woman even if in what country. ▼800 lies of groan word / Korea: Is it a sex slave? It is prostitution! : Okay! The place where there is the man is a battlefield, but the prostitution slave goes to the money-making to be on the の battle front prostitution list of charges.

Outlook on life is different from a Japanese. . Because Korea has trial stomach slavery according to the Korean history document, and father confirms it whether one's daughter can become pregnant, it is an act to let I do sexual intercourse and fill. Japan comes to govern it and was abolished, but a right of father seems to be an absolute in Korea until I annex it. A woman was a wife, but even a daughter seemed to be treated like a slave. The daughter who gives it to a bride starts it to a bride in the state that I rape it in pro-brothers to surely prove that I can become pregnant, and became pregnant. The born child is slave social position. The probability to survive to an adult will spend the life of few pains that you should not have been born. !This, Hwabyung of the genetic disease by the incest causes race disease.

Namdaemun scenery before and after the rule

(meal) The Korean Peninsula swallowed up ”Tonsru” (I let human shit ferment and make liquor and seasoning) for lack of food which a farming place was barren soil, and was chronic. The shit is valuables. The shit which came out of buttocks touched a mouth to the anus in the house which kept a red dog and ate. It was the only meal for a dog. The red dog was roasted by fire and was eaten. It is a model of the roasted meat. In addition, I boiled a red meat with a shallow pan and seemed to eat from a pan directly because there was not a plate.

(clothes) The clothing is constructed by unisex jacket chogori and the chima of the winding skirt. By a self-styled "white robe race," I usually wore white clothes and I always kept the innocence and made an effort in what I whitened than I beat it very much. However, it was sure that the widow wore a gray chima with red as for the young bride. It is news in Korea faintly
The rich woman that I dressed up, and it was limited a photograph to getting it
On the other hand, I did it saying, it had a short jacket, and the chima chogori which started the breast from the gap with the skirt was permitted because Korea was a country of the androcracy when it laid a boy by the greatest work that the woman gave birth to a boy and "I laid a boy and carried out social duty" to boast very much. In fact, I let you ask and am, and a stout atmosphere is handed down to we foreigner with straightness in the mother of the Emperor, life of "Omoni" "Onma". People of the world cannot understand why you deny the view of life that these people lived for. Thank you Omoni. Because there was the woman who gave a baby milk in a train in Japan in the 30, Showa generation, I do not need what I really cross out. There is a beach of Nudesu in the West! I think that a person judging from a strange eye is strange.


When the woman of the merchant's family looks, it is like Ryoma Sakamoto. In late years, on the breast, the strange style that the upper end of the skirt comes understands what was designed nowhere. It is a design abreast of a modern skirt.

Noble woman


The next photograph is Omoni where the intense Korea disturbance that 4 million people were killed in action was survived at last. It was serious. Surely it will be still a living among grandchildren well.

The woman that the war was evaded

The gap is blocked up with cloth recently, and the skirt becomes the tall skirting, too, and is unbalanced; was designed.

■■Photograph of the chima chogori of the 19th century

It was on the conditions of a country given to China even if I gave birth to a girl. If I bear such history and know that there were women who were going to give birth to a boy hard in old days, I think that I come to surely love the mother country very much.

[way of life of the man]
The quarrel that I have carry a serious injury whether the quarrel kills a partner as for the man in comparison with the woman who is strong in upward mobility to become great as for the woman for Rhee Dynasty Era selling a body is a tea judge every day. A temper is rough, and a Korean does not have the distinction of one's thing and the thing of another person at all. Because there is not moral consciousness, the punishment is violent to meet the position. When a Japanese begins the arbitration of the quarrel, I recommend it because it is dangerous to be with a robust person 2 in a great many people, and to threaten it.

Quarrel to fight with a big stone
As for the Korea group to bully it, and to abuse, there is no such precedent that I look down upon another person in the world. The tradition is inherited at violence characteristics, rape, the present including the robbery by Koreans of the world. "Storage" does white livery for a coffin bearer on a pillory with the next photograph on the street.


[postwar prostitution business]
After Korean establishment…Advanced to the cause by revival for the fund which I won in the treaty about basic relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea and found the U.S. Forces in South Korea as a source of funds to new revival. In addition, the illegal crime syndicate called the yakuza participates in the manners and customs shop for the stationing United States Armed Forces in Korean in those days,…I disclose this all at once and lay new state 娼館制度 instead,…For further foreign currency acquisition, I was dispatched at the time of the Vietnam War abroad at one time.…For the tourist from Japan, a state-run kisang was employed. Until the 1990s, it is for this purpose that a trip to Korea had the meaning that is equal to manners and customs trip so as to be called a kisang trip.

I quote it than h Wikipedia kisang (기생, the kisang who I come, and carry it)

I modernized the Korean Peninsula which went to ruin as some Japan, but I left the Japanese nationality by the cause of the order of GHQ with the end of the war and, as for all the Koreans who were in Japanese soil, was returned in the peninsula.


In Japan, an officer, the police were disarmed at the end of the war by GHQ and, in Japan, were demilitarized. I took my ease for a while, and 300,000 Koreans entered Japan illegally and, under the pretense of the Korea Operation Army, attacked a police station, the government office which rode up by a truck on firearms and a horizontal bar in arms and I hit the firing and did it. In addition, I occupied the land of a black market and the station square illegally and I broke into a private house and repeated plunder murder. In addition, group rape was frequent in the women whom I saw on a street. I could go home safely or could invite morning safely, or the then Japanese was the times when the hundreds were killed in GHQ not having been concerned in civil affair neutrality every day in the whole country. It was the miserable times. Therefore, the government of time was made to accept a Korean special privilege residing in Japan.


Japan abolished slavery from the peninsula and fixed the school system and fixed the system of the government and maintained infrastructure, and a Korean was adopted all more including the managerial class by a government official and an officer, a police officer. What invaded a certain favor Japan that fixed the health of the modern nation as a thief does not know what kind of sophism either.

I do the anti-Japan education that distorted the history in Korea. For example, in a Korean high school history textbook, I do the following description.
"Vulgar Japan invaded it, and "mongrel "excellent Korea, inferior Japan" "cultural underdeveloped country, Japan "Korea origin だ which had the advanced culture that the Japanese culture before modern times was all great" which "told uncivilized Japan the Korea advanced culture" of the Eastern Asia" of the family genus and the South Seas group & Ainu group of the subline generally northeastern as for the Japan group" plundered it of property"

When a yakuza residing in Japan goes to the Korean gathering church and Korean pub in today's Japan, I marry a Korean woman legally expressly. I let you obtain permanent residence permission legally, and this is because it rolls up income while letting a Japanese passport acquires "a red pass" and work by manners and customs in this way. A yakuza still dispatches Korea woman in the battle front in old days and, for the Korean, rolls it up. In the present age, there are Hyundai, the world business including Samsung, but there is not the power supporting the employment of 40 million people. Therefore when the hand of the yakuza costs it, and a serious Korean woman notices it, I sell myself all over the world and will be disclosed.

Most of Koreans who entered Japan illegally after the war killed a Japanese and pretended to be the Japanese and performed various political maneuvers. A claim is accepted so as to be big if I have a loud voice. I take any brutal crime to be found innocent. On a political propaganda car, I sprinkle the noise at full blast. I sound a tiger and a drum by an anti-nuclear power generation demonstration and go ”Sonto”. I burn a nuclear power plant steadily, and it thinks to perform in the mother country doing an electricity bill to half 10 yen of Japan as a national policy that necessary. Do not let me pollute Korea with waste of the nuclear power generation!

Collection of reference photographs




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